Let Go & Lead
Eric Ryan Co-founder

On Monday Morning Huddles (3:08)

So, um, you’re well known for your Monday morning huddles, but it — I’m sure many people would really be interested in how does it actually work?

Yeah, well, the — the huddle like a lot of ideas we stole from somebody else, so — always tell people steal our ideas.

And it came from Innocent Juice ah, in London and I was having lunch with the founders a number of years ago and they were growing slightly ahead of us and I was asking them for advice of how have you helped retain the culture as you scaled?  And ah, their answer was start a huddle.  Said what?  He’s like start a huddle.  So, every morning do a company meeting.  And um, it’s awkward at first if you haven’t done it before and it took us a while to really find a groove and a rhythm to it.

But what it’s done is you know when — if you look at a lot of companies when they do an all company meeting you know it’s a little awkward, people don’t always speak open and, and very free, but since we do it every week it’s like a muscle.  People are — really good at it.  So, if you’re in one of our Monday huddles um, you would see how open people are sharing and talking and discussing and so, we use it as a way, it’s a 30 minute meeting different person steers it um, to share what’s going on in the business, celebrate successes um, you know reinforce ah, a lot of our, our values.

And so, it’s just a great big caffeinated way to kick off the week and remind our self of, of what we do and why we do it.

So, walk us through what one might look like.  So, it’s Monday morning —


And what happens?

Everybody gathers at 9 a.m.

The person who is driving the meeting that week — so, we, we finish every meeting with a sparkly hat, we pull a name out of the hat.  That’s the person who’s going to steer it each week.

That person often will bring their own little personality to it.  They may have treats.  They may have some theme.  Um, they may share something inspiring ah, but they’ll bring their own self to it.  Ah, we always start off with P&E which is people and environment.  We’ll talk about who’s working the front desk um, those days.  Whose birthdays there are — any new employees we’ll introduce them.  Anybody that’s leaving, so anything that’s kind of related to the culture.

Then we’ll go in to shout outs of awesomeness.  And so, we talk about um, you know things that are working within the business or personal successes.

People will just start sharing.

So, it’s very open, you know lots of laughter.

We then go to um, you know personal news, anybody shares things that are going on.  Ah, we talk a little bit about business updates.  Sometimes there’s a special — topic so, you know since we always have a company meeting every week, we never have to call one, we’ll just fit a special topic in to that huddle.

If there’s a values award we’ll um, you know that person will get up, they’ll read the story about ah, the person who did something really tremendous that should inspire all of us.

And then we’ll finish off with ah, drawing a new name out of the hat for next week.

 Fantastic, so in 30 minutes so, it must go like that, huh?

It moves really fast –but again there’s a lot of laughter, it’s just a great like — it’s a great way to kick off the week to see everybody um, lots of different things are shared, lots of laughter —

Highly recommend it.