Let Go & Lead
Denise Ramos CEO & President
ITT Corporation

On Purpose (1:54)

I think the, the issue here is many times companies, they’ll have a set communication, but people don’t feel it, right?  It’s not something that they, it doesn’t connect with them.

Sure, anybody can come out with a structure and a framework and, and throw some words into it and throw some actions into it.  But if you don’t internalize it and you don’t really feel that it, it’s taking you somewhere, that there’s a, there’s a — that, that there’s this higher purpose, that’s where you get that connection.  That’s to me where storytelling comes in to play because you’re going after that emotional connection.

…It’s not just words people are telling me.  It’s not just something that they’re just trying to communicate in a corporate way. It’s really something that’s believable.  That I understand why they’re saying that, it makes sense to me therefore, therefore I’m going to do what I can to help advance the cause.

…what makes this company going forward different than what I would say most corporations have.  Where most corporations will come out and say well these are the five initiatives we’re going to go after — boom, boom, boom, boom, you guys go figure out what you want to do now, come back and tell me.

… How inspiring is that?

Not very inspiring.  And so, how do you get it to be inspirational is because you got to believe that you’re doing things that people believe in. That they see the connection, that they see the impact that they have — which is why the essence of us is enduring impact.