Let Go & Lead
Simon Mainwaring Brand Strategist
Social Entrepreneur & Bestselling Author

On Technology (3:30)

Okay. One of the things we want to talk about today is really building momentum and getting critical mass. What are some of the principles you have seen in terms of the best ways for leaders to do that?

One of the most exciting results of the advent of social media in these new technologies is that you can effectively put your community to work for you if you motivate them sufficiently. That can help you drive momentum. How do you do that? It is by defining what the brand stands for and communicating that consistently. That community of employees will rally around those shared values and it will add meaning to their experience as an employee. Then suddenly their contribution will seem to be valued by leadership. Suddenly they will want to bring their full selves, their best selves, their best human qualities to the efforts on behalf of their company. Suddenly you will find that employees really support what they help to build. I would suggest that these technologies allow your community of employees to go to work for you, which at a certain point drives momentum at an incredible level that then resonate out with your customers.”

When you are saying these technologies, you are referring to social media technologies?

Yes. I am referring to social media technologies. More than that is community building technologies.

You have also talked in terms of humanist about the fact that technology has actually made us more human. This is an interesting thought.

That has been my direct experience with the impact of social media and the shift towards a social business marketplace. When you can see other people on the other side of the world, for example, suffering in real time whether it is Haiti or the Tsunami in Japan. It awakens in each of us our innate empathy for each other. For a long time I feel like the corporate experiences depersonalized our experience of work.

We have been very considered in how we present ourselves to our peers. We now have these channels to talk directly to each other. I do not need to be told by a media outlet what to think. I can talk to you about what I think.

Suddenly this freedom to communicate is allowing us the ability to express ourselves and to empathize with each other.

Whether you are marketing internally to your employees in a sense, or out to your customer base; you are trying to make an emotional connection with them. These tools just allow you to do it on the other side of the world with your employees, or in real time in the case of Twitter. Nothing has changed otherwise. It is still timeless in that sense even though the technology is timelier. I look at it and go; well technology is teaching us to be human again not just in a sense of awakening our empathy for each other. It is allowing us to relate in new ways. It is allowing us to re-stitch this network of connectivity within our organization. That is an opportunity for us to give more permission for input, a license for a little more humanity, and a little more creativity and collaboration. That is what you need in this marketplace….