Let Go & Lead
Denise Ramos CEO & President
ITT Corporation

On The Need to Control (1:34)

What do you think is the toughest thing for you to let go of?

Control.  Oh, yeah, I mean because I, I want everything to be perfect all the time.  And I know that if I did it I had total control over it and I could make sure something happens. So, I’m no different than any other leader with it, that’s hard for me too, to, to just let go and, and let other people, other people do it.

The other thing I’ve learned is I can’t always expect people to have the same level of, the same expectations that I do in the same timeframe that I do.  That’s the goals I set for myself.

You have to always think about where that …(p. 66) person is coming from and, and what is appropriate for them?  Everybody starts from a different starting point and you need to be cognizant of that so that you don’t expect them to, to jump twenty feet when for somebody else you can get to that same level and it’s only ten feet.

You have to modulate within that — comes back to studying people.  Comes back to knowing where they’re starting from and making sure that what you set for them — the expectations for them is really something that’s achievable for them.