Let Go & Lead
Denise Ramos CEO & President
ITT Corporation

On Understanding People’s Thought Processes (3:30)

So, you said, you were talking about something else that really interested me which was that you really pay attention to people’s thought processes. And obviously, you can’t just ask someone, tell me your thought process?  Because most of us wouldn’t be able to explain it. Well, have you found certain questions or a line of questioning to be particularly effective in figuring that out?

I always try to delve into why.  So, why did you make that — what was it that told you, you — well, what was it in your mind that convinced you needed to make that decision?  Or, you needed to go down that path?  And when you thought about XY and Z how did that factor in to your decision making process?

The other thing I — and when I do that, I really am starting with an open mind.  I think that’s another critical component that people, that people should understand and that, and that — because I never assume that I know the answer.

…My, my thought process is usually I want to see if I’ve missed something. So, it’s not that I’m trying to test the person, it’s more I want to see if I’ve missed something and I don’t — as I’m looking for something that they’re thinking about that I should know that I don’t know.  And challenging myself to say now what do I think about what they just said?  And have I missed that?  Should I be factoring that into my thinking?  And that’s when I then develop my picture.  Um, but I want to make sure that I’ve incorporated all these different views and perspectives before decisions get made.