Let Go & Lead
Bernard Tyson President & COO
Kaiser Permanente

On Unleashing Leadership at All Levels Through Employee Teams (2:00)

… we have for example over three thousand unit based teams across our program.  Those are groups of employees who are coming together on a regular basis solving to the same strategic issues that we are solving to in this room. Um, how to improve care, how to improve quality, how to improve the service and access to that care and how to make it more affordable.  We have work teams across the program coming together working on this a-agenda.

….  It seems that you’ve given them a lot of authority and power to really do things on behalf of the company.  How did you determine how much authority to give them or what boundary conditions under which they’d operate?  Can you just tell us a little bit about that process?

Sure, ah, some of it is um, ah, ah, a process in which over time we have continued to make sure that we are offering to the unit based team the skills and the skills required to effectively work in a team setting.

Ah, and work together and problem solve, problem solve so that has taken time to, to get there.

But, but I think before you get there ah I think the starting point is the, the philosophical belief that you have around – what is it that you really want to gain in, in my case from a hundred and seventy-five thousand people who come here every single day to make a difference at Kaiser Permanente?  And I happen to believe as a leader that we have leaders in all walks of life at Kaiser Permanente.