Let Go & Lead
Bernard Tyson President & COO
Kaiser Permanente

On Valuing Respect and Diversity (1:50)

Um, we have an extremely diverse workforce that represents all walks of life.  And so, we believe as part of our value system that we have to treat men and women as men and women and be respectful that there are differences and there are – there are cultural differences and there are behavior differences.  And there isn’t a right and a wrong, it’s how do we create the right synergy and the environment about how you would um, manage a hundred and seventy-five thousand workforce at will to create the value that I’m talking about and the mission — with the mission of — the organization?

And then you add to that that we have the privilege of taking care of over nine million people across the country – from all walks of life.  And so, the idea of an organization who will be superficial about the respect towards individuals will never work for an organization like um, Kaiser Permanente. I think that we are a better organization and absolutely um, at our peak in some areas because of our a-ability to ah, create an environment where differences are respected and encouraged because we tend to produce better results when the differences are on the table because it creates a, a tension that um, forces us to act in ways that we may not act in if we’re always doing something based on our own individual ah, comfort ah, level.