Let Go & Lead
Bernard Tyson President & COO
Kaiser Permanente

On What It Means to “Let Go and Lead” (2:36)

What do — what does let go and lead mean to you?

[0:07:03] BERNARD J. TYSON:
A lot of times ah, a lot of times people move up in the organization because they manage something, done it very well and they got the results.

And um, they have been able to demonstrate that you know over the last two years I moved the ball from here to here and I did it by doing these three things or these six things or these nine things.  And I demonstrated ah, great management skills and ah, the ability —

— to get things done.  And they continue to move up and move up and move up.  Letting go for me means that you know the things that got you there are not the things that you’re going to rely on —

— at the level of leadership or as a true leader.  That I have no need to try to control the environment.  I have no need to try to control information. I have no need to um, consume power that is not going to help people get what they need to get done for the good of the organization and the mission.

So, letting go for me means letting go, to release them because you don’t control it anyway.  And leading says how do I bring the set of skills to the table in which I end up ah, energizing a person or people who are already committed to the mission of what we’re trying to accomplish?

How do I tap in to that energy and make sure that I create the environment for them to be able to do that?

And then how do I continue to coach and mentor the people that I’m working with so in fact they can achieve it and feel good about what they’ve accomplished?  And so, I want to let go all the stuff that um, speaks to command and control and oppression if you will to get results.