Technology Transformation

Technology Transformation

Now more than ever, technology drives business change. With IT as an increasingly important strategic business driver, CIOs must pivot between multiple roles: integrating old and new systems; connecting internal and external infrastructures; improving business user access to information; and driving innovation to deliver on strategic business goals.

We help CIOs meet these new challenges successfully. We partner with IT leaders in the following areas:

IT Value Proposition

We equip CIOs and their teams to articulate and communicate IT’s strategic contributions to the organization. From significant business transformations, to global security, to business intelligence, to creating business architecture and driving innovation that supports business objectives, the entire organization must understand how valuable IT is to a company’s success.

Enterprise Risk Stewardship (ERS)™

We engage individuals to take security and privacy seriously and mitigate organizational risk. By helping employees seeing themselves as individual guardians of IT security, data privacy, compliance and intellectual property, companies can better protect themselves from both internal and external threats.

IT Leadership Academy

Developing tomorrow’s IT leaders involves guiding employees from individual contributors to successful leadership roles. By building trusted, collaborative and transparent relationships, we help companies foster inspiring IT leaders who recognize, nurture, and unleash each individual’s capabilities.

Change Management

We help IT leaders manage the human side of business transformation so that employees anticipate, understand, adopt and advocate for technology-driven change. Our initiatives drive employee adoption, management stakeholder engagement, create internal “change ambassadors”, establish and maintain governance, and gather continuous feedback.

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