We transform companies by changing the employee experience through culture, communication, leadership and design.

We transform companies by changing the employee experience through culture, communication, leadership and design.

We transform companies by changing the employee experience through culture, communication, leadership and design.

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We are passionate pioneers who combine heart and science to change the employee experience so organizations work — for everyone.

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For more than 20 years, we have helped many of the world’s most complex and admired companies drive transformation, navigate the human struggle of change and create clarity from chaos.

Whether your organization is experiencing significant growth, seeking to engage your workforce on your journey of constant innovation or executing a new strategy, we can help. We partner with your team to help build an integrated compelling story, aligned leadership and intentional roadmap, ultimately helping you realize your vision.

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With leading-edge insights on culture, purpose, communication and more, our blogs, podcasts and other resources offer you our latest perspective on the tools you can use to bring out the best your company has to offer.

Our team members regularly speak to, partner with and learn from a wide variety of industry associations.


Employer-employee dynamics have changed, but they’re still supposed to be a two-way street.

It's good that today's employees than they've ever had. But leaders who are willing to value and commit to employees can still ask the same in return.

The benefits of flexible work are real, but they’re not automatic.

Flexible work can definitely improve productivity and the employee experience, but we have to be very intentional in communicating and reminding people of why they’re doing it.

In this new era of employee activism, connection and community are more important than ever.

Amazon and Dollar General’s recent struggles with employee activism confirm what we’ve known: that in 2022, companies can’t stop employees from using their voices. They can, however, invest in stronger…

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Maril Gagen MacDonald to Receive the 2021 IPR Lifetime Achievement Award

New York, NY – Maril MacDonald, CEO and founder of Gagen MacDonald, will receive the 2021 IPR Lifetime Achievement Award for her leadership and significant contributions to public relations. Gagen will accept the…
News & Events

Webinar: Creating a Culture of Belonging in the Hybrid Workplace

CLICK HERE TO WATCH A RECORDING OF THIS WEBINAR. The future of work is hybrid – but what does this mean when it comes to workplace culture? We’ve partnered with…
Mac October 2020

Mac October 2020: Webinar: From Who Owns This? To We Got This!

October 29, 2020 - 11:00-11:45 a.m. CT At a time when two-way communication with all employees has become even more imperative for businesses, enterprise communication platforms have emerged as vital…
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