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Our Expertise

We believe the most important work happens in the white space between siloes.

Passionate Pioneers

Our expertise is creating clarity from chaos.

We thrive in areas where no single owner is assigned, no one skillset will suffice and no easy or obvious solution appears. Our expertise is creating clarity from chaos by bridging the gaps between traditional functional siloes.

We have advocated for the transformative potential of internal focus areas such as communication, culture, engagement, leadership and design since far before they were in vogue. 

For over 25 years, we have worked with more than 250 clients — complex, global organizations going through significant change — and have seen the fruits of our partnerships. As they have taken on the hard work of human and corporate evolution and transformation, we’ve seen our clients change the world in powerful and lasting ways. We are proud to have a helping hand in assisting our clients to unleash their own potential, and we have learned and grown from each of these past engagements.

Areas of Expertise

Change & Transformation
Employee Engagement
Leadership & Talent
Experience Design & Creative Consulting
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Our quest is to address the human struggle of change.

We are curious minds and voracious students and believe that collectively, we are all just inching toward understanding the relationship between humans and work. Our passion is pushing this quest forward in any way we can.

Across many disciplines, we grow our expertise by being active in many walks of corporate and academic life, attending seminars and conferences that touch on advancing our understanding of the human struggle of change in myriad ways. From the Page Society to the Association of Change Management Professionals, we also give back to these organizations by serving in leadership positions, volunteering research and publishing frequently.