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Ground everything in gratitude

Aug 28, 2018
The following insights are from an article by our founder and CEO, Maril MacDonald. Join the conversation now on LinkedIn.In an era when it’s difficult to get anyone to agree on about just about anything, there’s one experience we all seem to share: we’re busier than ever before! In our hyperconnected world, it can feel like we’re plugged-in and on-the-go around the clock. Like many of us, I keep a busy schedule and it’s easy to feel worn out.When I feel this burnout occurring, I loop back to an insight based not only on my own experience, but scores of research over the years: happiness doesn’t come from our circumstances, but rather how we choose to view our circumstances. Happiness is a mindset and a choice.In an interview with my friend Perry Yeatman, she asked me what word I’d use to describe my professional path. My answer: gratitude. To me, I always want to live in gratitude. In my experience, gratitude is the root of happiness.Do I have to?So, if gratitude is the root of happiness and gratitude is a choice, how does one continue to facilitate a grateful mindset? My brother taught me an amazing way to channel gratitude. Simply try reframing something from “I have to do this” to “I get to do this.” It changes everything.“I get to go to work … and tackle challenging problems to help people and companies succeed.”“I get to be stuck in traffic … and use this downtime to call a friend or catch up on a podcast.”“I get to work with a difficult person … who will teach me patience and resilience.”It can be unnatural, but it has really changed my perspective and mindset and has many times rewarded me with a feeling of peace and calm when I needed it most. Who doesn’t need more of this in our crazy world today?A gratitude attitudeAs leaders, I’ve found that managing oneself and having a clear mindset is essential to leading calmly, giving your team confidence and maintaining sanity through the numerous demands you face each day.By choosing gratitude, you may even be surprised by all the bright spots you’ll uncover. You may listen to a colleague’s ideas with a different mindset. You may hear a customer’s challenge or complaint with a more empathetic ear. You may open yourself up to new opportunities. And you will likely be more forgiving, of yourself and of others.Sometimes, it’s not easy. But, we get to practice gratitude. How amazing is that?
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