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How Do We Make Work More Meaningful?

Jan 08, 2015

The conversation with Dan Pink made me think about why I got into this line of business in the first place. When we started our firm, I had a dream to change the world one dysfunctional company at a time. (And I believe companies are like families – no one is perfect; each has its own dysfunction). My dream came from observations that so many people are frustrated, yearning to apply their gifts to something big. And corporations hadn’t (and still haven’t) figured out how to best channel those ambitions.

I see it time and time again. When we lose context, we feel out of control. When we lose meaning, we lose momentum. When we lose purpose, we’ve simply lost the point. When that’s the case, people become frustrated, disengaged, stressed—even angry. It spills over into their family lives, their communities, the world. Hence my dream.

Many people devote most of their waking hours to their work. But many channel their passions and really what’s best of themselves into after-hours activities. Why can’t work be that kind of an outlet? Why can’t we figure out how to make work more meaningful? I know we can. And I know many leaders understand this and are connecting people to a bigger purpose and meaning. What makes work meaningful for you?

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