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Jan 08, 2015
As I read Sonny Garg’s interview, I can see why he is such a successful leader. While we often talk about leaders and how important they are to drive sustainable change, Sonny clearly understands that engaged employees who believe in and trust their leaders are incredibly powerful. They are the ones, who when fully engaged, can move the organization in a positive direction at a rapid pace.As the former Chief Information Officer for the City and County of Denver, I was always humbled by employees who jumped on board willingly, overcame obstacles and found creative solutions to transform our organization. These employees spent a great deal of time learning what customers needed, improved internal processes and systems, and did everything in their power to make us succeed. So, the big question is…how do we as leaders inspire our employees to move the mountains we need them to? I think, it often comes down to listening and trust. Listen to your teams ideas, work with them so they understand the impact of their decisions, and then trust them to do the right thing. After all, isn’t that what letting go and leading is all about? Clearly, Sonny understands this concept completely.
/ Dec 30, 2014

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