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Storytelling for Business Seminar

Sep 16, 2015

Build corporate storytelling muscle

Activate stories through impactful employee experiences

Equip your leaders to drive behavior change

Driving behavior change starts with a compelling strategic story and ends with an enterprise-wide approach to inspire employees. Please join Gagen MacDonald and other advanced practitioners for a one-day seminar where we’ll share:

  1. Leading examples of Fortune 500 companies that are energizing their employees with transformative corporate stories
  2. Recent neuroscience research findings underscoring how and why stories resonate with receivers
  3. Action plans designed to equip leaders as authentic storytellers who empower others

December 8, 2015 The Conference Board Headquarters, New York City

Participants will walk away with an understanding of:

  • The power of stories to build trust and create emotional connections
  • How and why stories resonate with receivers plus the treasures they seek
  • Key characteristics of powerful strategic stories and successful storytellers
  • Tools and methods to better develop a variety of business narratives
  • Action plans designed to equip leaders to energize employees and drive behavior change

This seminar is ideal for executives who specialize in internal communications, HR/talent development, and operations as well communications and marketing executives looking to tell more compelling stories.

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