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The culture transformation at Lucet: The Conference Board Presentation

May 25, 2023
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On May 18th, Greg Voeller, Senior Director at Gagen MacDonald, and Shana Hoffman, CEO of Lucet, presented at The Conference Board's Change, Transformation and Organizational Design Conference in New York.

They discussed the culture transformation at Lucet and the leadership evolution that actually began over three years before.

Highlights of the presentation:

  • The Six Levers of Employee Experience required to truly transform any culture
  • Key leadership lessons from a M&A and how to build Executive Team cohesion
  • When to apply the three unique leadership styles – directive, facilitative, collaborative – during a transformation
  • How a Gagen culture assessment discovered ENERGY was the missing culture ingredient – and immediately changed the trajectory of Lucet's transformation
/ May 18, 2023

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