What Defines Us

At Gagen MacDonald, we believe strongly in the power of belief.

Belief is the basis of behavior and dictates how you show up and act each day. While our team has a diverse set of skills and comes from many walks of life, there are several beliefs that define us.

We believe transformation starts within.

Nearly all companies today are in some phase of transformation. While the ultimate goal of transformation is often to maintain relevance with customers whose expectations are shifting, the work starts within. To deliver a new experience to the market, you must create a new experience internally. As the famous quote suggests, you really must “be the change you wish to see in the world.”

We believe in the dignity of work.

Conservatively speaking, over the course of a career, the average employee spends more than 100,000 hours at work. We believe that for society to function at its best, those hours need to feel like more than a paycheck. Where we work, what we do and how we feel about our jobs is critical to our sense of self-worth. When we find purpose and meaning in our job, it is contagious to the rest of our lives. We become more purposeful in all facets of life. Engaged employees become engaged family members, friends and citizens. We can transform the world if we can transform the world of work.

We believe experience matters.

While topics like culture, communication, employee engagement and employee experience have garnered new attention in recent years, addressing the human struggle of change has been our focus for more than two decades. It’s all we do. This work is not a bolt-on or new offering we’ve pieced together; it has been our reason for existence and sum of our business since our founding.

We believe the most important work happens in the white space between siloes.

Corporations are organized in much the same way they were 75 years ago. Same departmental labels, same functional design. We believe the work that truly separates the top performers from the middle of the pack — items like strategy, culture, brand and reputation — exist within the cracks in this design. Our goal is to bring people together across disciplines and departments to solve for these critical challenges, and our team contains individuals with experience in all of these areas.

We believe love in business is good business.

Work is a vulnerable — and at times scary — place. We give a lot of ourselves to work and often operate amidst great uncertainty. We believe the workplace benefits when companies lead with love and treat people as the complex, intelligent and emotional beings they are. The more work becomes human, the more employees find purpose and meaning.

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