Amedisys | Gagen MacDonald

Our Impact


Merging companies, aligning cultures: a case study in implementing a purpose-driven culture.

Amedisys is a fast-growing player in the home healthcare industry and has three primary lines of business: home healthcare, hospice in the home and personal services. The company is an organization that looks for other partners to grow both through organic growth and growth by acquisition, with a long-term goal of becoming a nationwide organization.

Our Solution


As Amedisys grew and acquired more companies, leaders recognized the need to align their people — both in their organization and those in acquired organizations — with the behaviors, expectations and actions needed to continue success. The company had an incredible purpose and culture. However, these assets weren't fully utilized in rolling out new initiatives and helping new employees become part of the Amedisys family.

People are the heart of Amedisys. Their caregivers — with support from so many others — deliver the experience and medical attention to customers and without feeling like they were a full part of the Amedisys family, they would move on to another organization, taking their relationships with hospitals, retirement communities and doctors with them, neutralizing the acquisition. While Amedisys has a strong, purpose-driven culture and is a great company to work for, without a sense of belonging, the employees were feeling disconnected from the organization.


  • Interviewed stakeholders and employees to deeply explore and understand what made the acquired organization tick
  • Performed pre-acquisition culture analysis of both Amedisys and the target organization
  • Identified key cultural elements of the acquired organization and Amedisys, sharing insights and recommendations for alignment
  • Created a compelling story to engage all employees and understand the “why,” “how” and “what” behind the change
  • Enabled leaders through learning and alignment sessions and a comprehensive change communication playbook
  • Developed an intentional roadmap for leaders and employees to follow and advance in their change journey
  • Tracked metrics to pivot the strategy as needed, based on feedback and measured success


  • Leadership in both organizations were aligned on outcomes, expectations and intentional retention techniques, leading to a single Amedisys family following the merger
  • Employees understood the change taking place, their individual role in it and the impact it had on their day-to-day work
  • Increased retention
  • Strengthened culture
  • Increase in stock price