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Empowering leaders and engaging employees through the largest industrial merger in history

In December 2015, DuPont, a Fortune 500 global science and engineering company, announced its intent to merge with The Dow Chemical Company and subsequently spin itself into three new industry-leading companies. This partnership was the largest industrial merger in history and came with significant change for employees, including a new CEO brought in from the outside — a company first — as well as substantial restructuring measures.


At the time of the initial announcement, a baseline survey of 50,000+ employees revealed only 54 percent felt confident in the future of the company and only 52 percent felt their key questions and concerns were being addressed. With a heightened need to retain top talent and improve business results, DuPont partnered with Gagen MacDonald to develop innovative communication strategies to deliver significantly improved business results.


  • Gagen MacDonald developed a phased, global communications strategy designed to build confidence, address key issues and set expectations, and created a plan to effectively communicate near and long-term expectations and vision
    • To empower leaders, we developed leader toolkits, webinars and messaging to deliver the change story and engage with their teams, and instituted a short-form tool to share timely merger updates with the top 125 leaders
    • To engage employees, we introduced several new communication channels, created a series of quarterly global town halls for the CEO to share key insights and perspectives and executed a global, executive roadshow to harmonize local and global messaging
  • Formed a risk management tool and global process to maintain business continuity and align global leaders
  • Implemented feedback loops on all channels


  • Modernized internal channels, greatly improved reach and efficacy for leaders and employees
    • Launched nine new global channels and revamped three delivery platforms
    • Expanded the reach of the CEO’s town hall channel by greater than 6.5 times

    • Increased engagement in the re-launched flagship employee portal by 510 percent and increased middle and front-line manager engagement with the leader portal by 260 percent
    • Ensured 100 percent of internal digital channels provided two-way dialogue and feedback options
  • As communications content reached intended targets, employee understanding and confidence in the future state increased
    • 11 percent increase in understanding the change journey
    • 16 percent increase in confidence in the future/end state
  • During this time, business results also significantly improved
  • DuPont won 16 awards from organizations including IABC, PRSA, PRWeek, SABRE and North American Excellence


2018 PRWeek Best in Internal Communications

2017 IABC Silver Quill Awards

2017 IABC Bronze Quill Awards

  • Award of Excellence for Change Management
  • Award of Excellence for Internal Communications
  • Merit Award for Employee Engagement

PRSA Silver Anvil Awards

  • Award of Excellence for Internal Communication for Businesses with more than 10,000 Employees

2017 IABC Gold Quill Awards

  • Merit Award for Employee Engagement
  • Merit Award for Internal Communication
  • Merit Award for Change Communication