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Bill Wiechers

Creative Director, Experience Studio

As the Creative Director for the Experience Studio, Bill Wiechers inspires his team to develop strategic work that stands out and connects with people on an emotional level. With a career that spans over 20 years in marketing, promotions and retail, he draws from experience working with some of the world’s top marketers. He brings the most vibrant ideas to life through integrated campaigns and visual storytelling.

Bill has worked for some of the most respected agencies in the world as a VP Creative Director. Leading creative teams for Fortune 500 clients, he contributed to organic growth and new business. Bill has won over 30 awards, including Reggie, Echo, Telly, Popai, Pro and others. He has also served as a judge for the industry’s top awards in marketing and advertising.

Bill’s collaborative nature comes from growing up in and raising an athletic family. Bill leans on lessons learned on the court and the field — teamwork, discipline, leadership and hard work. Having a winning gameplan makes all the difference, and these ideas play in a big role in his planning, strategy and preparation processes.

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Indiana University Bloomington
B.S. Fine Art and Art History