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Courtney Salmela

Senior Consultant

Courtney is a close listener dedicated to innovation and storytelling. Her experience instructing writing courses at state universities has allowed her to develop a comprehensive understanding of audience and the important role of empathy in effective communication and relationship building.​

As a Senior Consultant at Gagen MacDonald, Courtney applies her background in writing and education to create internal employee communications and provide change management support. She delivers successful and meaningful messaging by engaging with the fine details paired with a focus on purpose.​​

Prior to joining Gagen MacDonald, Courtney worked as an instructor of writing in higher education and as an English teacher in secondary education. She also has experience as a writer and journalist for University Marketing and Public Relations at the University of Minnesota, Duluth. Much of her research and teaching philosophy is dedicated to identifying strategies to bridge the gap between high school writing curriculum and the demands of professional communication in college and beyond.

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University of Minnesota, Duluth
B.A. Teaching Communication Arts and Literature, M.A. English, Emphasis: Writing