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Julie Lyons

Director, Consulting

With more than two decades of experience in corporate and government communications, Julie is dedicated to assisting businesses in establishing connections with their employees to accomplish strategic objectives. She approaches her client relationships with enthusiasm, candor and a high say-do ratio. Julie's genuine passion for people and effective communication allows her to forge deep interpersonal bonds with teammates and clients, facilitating collaboration and achieving project success. ​

Julie's track record includes the creation of award-winning internal communication programs and strategies, recognized for their exceptional impact on employee engagement and organizational success. She has expertise in conducting communication audits, engagement surveys and focus groups to gather valuable insights. Julie has successfully led cross-functional teams in enhancing the usability of digital communication channels for employees and played a pivotal role in crafting employee-to-executive communication programs. With deep roots in crisis communication management, Julie has developed and implemented comprehensive crisis materials and training, equipping teams with the necessary skills and knowledge to navigate challenging situations. ​

Julie's extensive experience in strategic communication and change management covers a wide range of human resources initiatives, such as employer branding and recruiting, performance and talent management, learning and development, office relocations, labor negotiations, diversity and inclusion, employee engagement, M&A activities and reductions in workforce.

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University of Florida
M.A. Mass Communication
Florida State University
B.S. General Communications
Certified Change Management Practitioner (Prosci)