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MaryCay Durrant

Leadership Experiences

MaryCay has 30 years experience empowering business performance by igniting the “Natural Leader Within.” Her proven paradigm of Leading Naturally guides people beyond diversity and engagement to purpose and perspective. MaryCay weaves a unique blend of pragmatic business savvy with neuroscience-based models that turn differences – whether generational, gender or cultural – from detractors into fuel for performance.

Forward-looking leaders understand that a new paradigm is required to navigate unprecedented levels of complexity and uncertainty. They know that in today’s networked world, human capital is a primary competitive advantage. Engaging quality talent by cultivating the “Natural Leader Within” is non-negotiable for business performance and prosperity in this new world. Imagine the results when aligned professionals feel energized to work together creating “real value” in the world.

MaryCay guides CEO’s and their executive teams to achieve unprecedented results while experiencing passion for their work, teams, customers, and the market they serve. Her approach envisions an invigorating future and unlocks the potential to achieve success through customized tools, distinctions, transformational workshops, retreats and coaching.Her expertise as a speaker, facilitator and transformation guide is sought out and embraced by organizations and leaders who are ready to move beyond antiquated management models.

MaryCay is dedicated to igniting business performance by inspiring that unique, natural inner-phenomenon called the human spirit.

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