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Morgan Manion

Leadership Experiences

Morgan MacDonald thrives on jumping into complex situations and distilling information down in ways all audiences can understand and feel. Her passion for gathering information, coupled with a heightened awareness for others, allows Morgan to ensure all stakeholders are aligned.

At Gagen MacDonald, Morgan has worked with several companies in highly regulated and scrutinized industries, such as pharma and energy. In her work with Johnson & Johnson, Morgan helped her clients inform their strategy of centralizing their global communications function by completing an in-depth report on industry trends and best practices. Another instance of aligning and furthering corporate strategy was with a natural gas utility company that was assessing its positioning in an environment filled with harsh critics and a movement for legislation leading to increased regulation. Most recently, Morgan served as the project manager for a large culture change initiative for Astellas US. Morgan was able to aid the team in planning and coordinating across workstreams, as well as continually testing their thinking to understand implications, ensuring employees felt the new approach to focusing on Astellas’ culture was genuine and aligned with the company’s business strategy.

Internally at Gagen MacDonald, Morgan helps ensure all members of the firm are able to perform at their best. In her role as Knowledge Management Curator, Morgan collects the firm’s best thinking to help consultants bring the freshest and biggest ideas to their clients. She also led the company through a large environmental change, with the design, build-out, and move into a new office space.To fuel her natural inclination toward strategy alignment, Morgan is currently working to broaden her capabilities in facilitation, organizational systems, and team cohesiveness.

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