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Rayna Synnestvedt

Senior Consultant

Rayna Synnestvedt is passionate and energetic in her pursuit of excellence and strives to always learn from the opportunities she’s presented. With deep appreciation for the importance of meeting people where they’re at and pushing for a more equal and just society, Rayna is an activist at work and in her personal life.

Experienced in the fast-paced and unpredictable agency setting, Rayna has a diverse set of skills from past clients, including those in real estate investment and redevelopment, trial-stage biotech and oncology and the financial sector. Rayna loves learning, strategizing and connecting. She recognizes the unique way people are drawn to stories, and how the proper narrative is key to a company's internal and external success.

Before joining Gagen as a Senior Consultant in 2022, Rayna worked at Gregory FCA, a top Philadelphia public relations firm, where she focused on client relations, social media, media relations and the promotion of community engagement. Serving as a lead on a Fortune 500 account gave Rayna the opportunity to secure important coverage, strategize closely with internal teams (as well as external partners) and manage tight deadlines and moving parts to execute effectively for the client.

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Bryn Athyn College
B.A. Business, minor in Communications