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Shamieka Stone

Senior Consultant

Shamieka is an avid learner with a passion for creating space for underrepresented groups. As a Senior Consultant at Gagen MacDonald, she is devoted to taking a human-centric approach in all she does. While supporting clients through various changes, she makes a conscious effort to ask herself, “How can I ease the transition for the people of the organization?” She believes taking this people-focused approach allows for greater success with the execution and adoption of any change. Her current client engagement is allowing her to put this mindset into practice during an organizational change impacting various stakeholder groups differently, requiring unique solutions to ensure they all feel heard and supported.​

​Prior to joining Gagen MacDonald, Shamieka worked at the accounting and consulting firm Ernst & Young (EY). During her time at the firm, she provided change and communications support, developed impactful training content and co-facilitated live training sessions. At the core was a strong focus on ensuring those impacted by change felt seen, supported and informed. Furthermore, Shamieka played a key role during the planning and successful soft opening of the firm’s new U.S. office headquarters following the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Through this engagement she gained tremendous knowledge on the planning and execution process necessary to equip the people of an organization with the right tools and resources for success during unprecedented times. She hopes to leverage her expertise to help clients thrive in an evolving, unpredictable business landscape while providing agile, human-centric solutions.​

​Channeling her passion for creating space for underrepresented groups, Shamieka runs an online blog where she’s interviewed and spotlighted some of the amazing work being done by dozens of women of color across several industries. This passion project has allowed her to provide a digital space where the hard work and creative projects of these women are celebrated.

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The Pennsylvania State University, Smeal College of Business
B.S. Business Management, Concentration: Human Capital; minor in Legal Environment of Business