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Today, transformation is a ubiquitous fact of corporate life.

Yet, while data shows that nearly every large company is either currently planning or in the throes of some variety of transformation, nearly half of executives are skeptical that these efforts will lead to success.1 By that logic, thousands of companies are betting on what they see as a coin flip. Why are the odds so dim?

Transformations are most often undermined by the human struggle of change. We can help.

Transformational leadership is quickly becoming a hallmark characteristic of top performing companies. At Gagen MacDonald, transformation is a part of our DNA. Over more than 20 years, we have stood side by side with some of the world’s largest and most complex organizations and gained deep knowledge and experience with large-scale transformations: structural reorganizations, digital adoption, enterprise resource planning, business and operating model shifts and divestitures, to name a few.

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Transforming business through change communications

From those experiences, we know what it takes to successfully drive a transformation that touches every corner of an enterprise.

It takes big picture, interdisciplinary thinking. We bring capabilities in cross-functional change strategies, communication, leadership alignment, culture, governance, visual and experiential design, people practices, executive coaching and learning and development. We are differentiated by the richness of these combined skills.

Our approach to driving transformation is deeply human and grounded in the employee perspective. We walk in their shoes and know that to inspire transformation, we must not only change their mind, but reach their heart.

Following our Three Things that Change Everything™ method, we develop and deploy a compelling story that appeals to the employee’s deep-seated sense of purpose, gains commitment from leaders from the C-suite to the frontline and develops an intentional roadmap that ensures all aspects of employee experience are operating in harmony with your transformational goals.

By focusing on fundamentals, an organization’s quest to transform into something new becomes limitless.

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