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John Renehan, Executive Director Global Digital Solutions, Pratt & Whitney

May 07, 2019

John Renehan is a practitioner of leadership. As leader of the Digital Solutions team at Pratt & Whitney, John models how leading with intention and openness builds trust, breaks down silos and ultimately can serve as the foundation of strong business results. A genuinely curious individual, John is a student of everyone around him. In establishing spaces for open dialogue, actively listening to others and elevating the experts in the room, John creates a culture of shared power in the workplace.

In this episode of Let Go & Lead, John and Maril discuss his guiding leadership practices, the importance of embracing humanity in the midst of change and how simple gestures can result in powerful outcomes.

Episode discussion guide – “Creating Shared Power
Continue the conversation with others, or take the time for personal reflection, using the below episode discussion guide.
  1. “Elevate the expert” is a key tenet of John’s leadership practices. Who are the unsung experts on your team? In what ways could you better showcase their expertise publicly?
  2. As leaders, employees watch and listen to your every move. In what ways do you actively model the behaviors you want to see from your team? How can you improve?
  3. Trust can’t be formed overnight. Through forums, like Ignite, the Pratt & Whitney team comes together to solve problems and also get to know each other. How can you create space in your day-to-day to bring people together?
  4. Information is power. John is working to democratize insights through the team playbook. What communications channels can you open to provide information and share knowledge across your team?
  5. John had an awakening when he realized how freeing it was to be his authentic self at work. Do you feel you bring your authentic self to work? Why or why not?
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