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In a highly disruptive era, mergers & acquisitions continue to be among the most significant sources of change in today’s corporate environment.

Recent data shows that a majority of senior executives report that their organizations are considering pursuing M&A activity in the near term.1

As data has consistently showed, far too many M&A deals start with a bang and end with a thud. In fact, more than half fail to deliver expected value.2 That’s because, when it comes to M&A, the soft stuff is the hard stuff. When cultures collide and communication breaks down, fear, hostility and resistance set in. Suddenly, deals that once sparkled on paper lack shine. Years down the road, when results stubbornly fail to materialize, leaders look around and ask themselves, “What happened?”

At Gagen MacDonald, we can help. Over the course of more than two decades, we’ve served as an advisor to some of the world’s most highly publicized corporate mergers.


Empowering leaders and engaging employees through the largest industrial merger in history

Our work in M&A is defined by the comprehensiveness of our approach.

We support our clients through all phases of a deal — from pre-announcement through implementation. Where many companies invest huge resources in unveiling an M&A with an internal and external splash, we know that the greatest risk to a deal’s success comes when the hard work of integration begins.

That’s why our approach addresses all aspects of the human struggle of change. Rather than simply relaying information through clever messaging and sharp graphics, we work on the ground with our clients to use communication, employee engagement, storytelling, visual and experiential design, leadership development and human resource strategies to ensure a cohesive employee experience.

It is only when this cohesion occurs that a deal’s expected value becomes a real possibility.

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