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Mac December 2020: Insights from Our Communication Platform Webinars

Dec 02, 2020

The rapid shift to large-scale work-from-home arrangements has exposed long-simmering vulnerabilities, gaps, and weaknesses in many companies’ internal communication infrastructures. For instance, with exponentially more people now working remotely, many companies are suddenly cognizant of their inability to reach employees in quick, effective, mobile-friendly ways.

Thankfully, companies such as Unily, Dynamic Signal, and Social Chorus have developed phenomenal technologies that allow large organizations to connect to their employees (and their employees to each other) in an intuitive, user-friendly, and secure way.

Recently, we’ve hosted webinars with each of these three excellent tech providers to explore the different capabilities that exist for mobile employee communications. We’ve seen tremendous interest among our clients and friends in these types of platforms lately, and wanted to share a few insights that rose to the surface from those three conversations.

  1. There’s a widespread sense of channel confusion existing across companies. Throughout the pandemic, companies have introduced many new channels, but retired few. This glut of vehicles makes it difficult for employees to know where to find what information, when needed. This is making channel guides, as well as efforts to consolidate, reduce, and streamline platforms, very useful.
  2. While many companies have worked diligently to build and update intranets and other major digital communication platforms, few have created adequate content strategies and governance to support them. This is like giving a car a Ferrari engine but forgetting to add a steering wheel. When channel and content strategies don’t operate hand-in-hand, the vehicle fails to achieve its potential.
  3. There’s a strong need for greater collaboration to create novel, interesting content that plays to the top of the intelligence that these new channels provide. In addition, there’s a heightened need to find better ways to connect with a remote work force. We’re already seeing huge leaps in how HR, IT, and Communication are working together to improve employees’ experiences. Let’s build on that.

If you are interested in learning more about communication platforms and successful launch and adoption strategies, drop us a line.