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Mac December 2020: IBM's Future of Work Report

Dec 01, 2020

For too long, there’s been a gap between what organizations need out of people and what they’ve been willing to invest in them. Now more than ever, it’s in the best interests of both employers and employees to close it.

The trends reported in Accelerating the journey to HR 3.0, a new report from IBM and JoshBersin Academy, reflect the same truths that we’ve been focused on since our founding. Business leaders see organizational complexity, inadequate skills, and employee burnout as their biggest hurdles to progress—and yet, just 38 percent of employees believe their organizations are helping them learn the skills they need to work in a new way.

The world of work is rapidly moving away from a view of people as a resource “to be tapped”; instead, they must be engaged and empowered, and treated as the x-factor to success that they are.

Read the report here.