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Love in Business is Good Business: Our first Gagen Valentine

Founded in 1998, Gagen is one of the first consulting firms to focus distinctly on the human side of business transformation. One of our core beliefs — and a frequent mantra across our client work — is that “Love in Business is Good Business™.”

Because of this, we forego the traditional holiday-season campaign and instead focus on Valentine’s Day as our signature, annual brand moment. For over a decade, we have brought the concept that Love in Business is Good Business™ to life in new ways. Each year we seek to change the format and examine the theme through a different lens, building out dimensions of our brand and the message as we go.

Year after year, our network of partners, clients, prospects and even personal friends now look forward to what experience we'll create. Let's take a fun look back at the very first Valentine message that kicked-off the tradition in 2011.

You can check out 2023's Valentine message, Listening is an act of love on our blog (best viewed on desktop for the full experience).