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Maril MacDonald Shares Career Tips in New Podcast Interview

Dec 15, 2016

Women get career advice all the time, whether they ask for it or not. From “you’re not assertive enough” to “you’re too aggressive,” career-minded women have heard it all. Perry Yeatman -- award-winning author and host of the podcast series "Pivot Points"TM, sponsored by Your Career, Your TermsTM -- offers a refreshingly honest perspective, which cuts through all the hype and gets down to the real issues. Yeatman’s recent conversation with Maril MacDonald is an ideal case-in-point.

Yeatman describes her interview with MacDonald as follows: “Maril shares her best advice on launching your career by taking the path less traveled; balancing a dual-career family; successfully transitioning by running toward something (not just away from something); and how being a leader is about being a ‘host’, not a ‘hero.’”

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