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Will Money Talk?

Jan 08, 2015

Howard Schultz has a distinctive view not only on leadership, but on corporations’ relationships with and responsibility to their customers, employees and communities in today’s global landscape.

As Joe Nocera’s New York Times editorial column presented last week, Howard has chosen to extend his leadership to a new cause: Reducing the influence of campaign money on legislative action. In fact, Howard is spearheading a movement to boycott campaign contributions in all forms – corporate or individual – until Congress agrees on a concrete plan to deal with the national debt and job creation.

Howard’s action is a fascinating study in modern leadership. From the personal note he sent all Starbucks partners (their term for employees) on this topic, to the copious press coverage he has received since his announcement,he has thrown himself headlong into a complicated, yet vital debate.

So what do you think? Is this an example of inspired, courageous leadership? Is he wise to engage with his broader team in this dynamic? Will employees find this an authentic effort by their leader to galvanize them into action, or will he find himself swimming in unintended consequences? What are your thoughts?

/ Jan 08, 2015

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