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A poor idea executed flawlessly will go further than a flawless idea executed poorly.

Among business’s many axioms, none more accurately describe the dynamics that govern organizational success. While the quality of a strategy is important, what truly determines outcomes is the effort, dedication and focus employees offer to deliver on its promise. Without engaged employees, little good can occur.

Unfortunately, according to Gallup1, barely a third of today’s workforce is engaged. Perhaps this is why so many companies are fighting for survival.

At Gagen MacDonald, we have spent more than 20 years pioneering the discipline of employee engagement in order to help large companies gain value from their strategies and unleash their potential. While others have been in a rush to develop solutions in recent years, we have been consistently and steadily refining our expertise and leadership in employee engagement for two decades.

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Our approach to employee engagement is defined by several qualities.

First, we take a human-centric approach, grounded in listening and analysis, to foster employee engagement. Employees want to feel a sense of engagement at work. When they don’t, the reasons are typically personal and emotional, driven by feelings of fear, isolation, resentment or meaninglessness. We are analytical and scrupulous in using both quantitative and qualitative methods to understand both the factors that promote engagement and the ones that diminish it.

Second, we bring a bevy of capabilities in areas such as communication, leadership, change management, talent, employee value proposition, technology and design to develop interventions that powerfully change employee experiences and inspire engagement. Employee engagement is a complicated subject that flows from many sources. It cannot be approached solely within the confines of any single discipline; it requires multiple functional areas to operate in harmony and alignment. Our team possesses skills across these crucial areas.

Third, every company is unique, and their engagement challenges are specific to their history, culture and DNA. That’s why, rather than demanding our clients bend to a one-size-fits-all approach, we work in partnership to develop customized solutions that are designed to suit every challenge’s particular needs.

Finally, we know that the people who are tasked to lead employee engagement efforts have big jobs and little time. With everything on their plates, it is hard for them to keep up with the latest thinking and science driving engagement trends and best practices. We do that sleuthing for you. Our team fans the country to keep up with the latest and sharpest perspectives on employee engagement and our goal is to transfer that knowledge to the clients we serve.

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