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Devry Boughner Vorwerk, CEO, DevryBV Sustainable Strategies

Nov 05, 2019

Devry Boughner Vorwerk is known for her courageous leadership and expertise building coalitions at the intersection of government, NGOs and the private sector. As former head of Global Corporate Affairs and Chief Communication Officer at Cargill, Devry now leads DevryBV Sustainable Strategies, where she is focused on helping organizations navigate today’s fractured geopolitical landscape.

In this episode of Let Go & Lead, Devry shares what makes a successful coalition, the distinction between a coalition and a movement and how she sees the future of leadership.

Episode discussion guide – Building Coalitions

Continue the conversation with others, or take the time for personal reflection, using the below episode discussion guide.

  1. What do you think it mean to be a courageous leader? Who have you seen exhibit courageous leadership and in what context?
  2. Devry shares her approach to public speaking: it’s about what an audience needs to hear, not about the speaker. How does this mindset influence how you think about the message of your next presentation, talk or speech?
  3. Think about a change effort you are leading within your organization. Take a moment to visualize what success looks like for you. What do you see? How does it feel? Remember your vision as you make progress towards your goal.
  4. What do you think the leader of the future looks like? What attributes will these leaders need to possess and why?
  5. Maril and Devry discuss the Business Roundtable CEO commitment to purpose in addition to profit. What do you think it looks like for a company to live this declaration?
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