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Kathryn Petralia, President & Co-Founder, Kabbage

Mar 25, 2019

As president & co-founder of Kabbage, a financial technology company that helps small businesses secure working capital, Kathryn Petralia was instrumental in leading the creation of a compassionate culture that defies hierarchy, embraces individuality and celebrates humanity. Today, Kathryn leads a diverse organization of professionals, many of whom whose jobs she says she wouldn’t be able to do herself. Does this make her insecure? Not in the least. In fact, she believes every leader should aim not to be the smartest person in the room.

In this episode of Let Go & Lead, Kathryn reflects on her leadership journey, how culture and values manifest and how one can screen for self-awareness.

Episode discussion guide – Kabbage Heads

Continue the conversation with others, or take the time for personal reflection, using the below episode discussion guide.

  1. What is your organization’s overarching value? How does it manifest in key ways, like “Caring Deeply” does at Kabbage?
  2. What about your work culture is unique and unlike anywhere else? In what ways can you celebrate this?
  3. Are your team members smarter than you? If not, why? If so, how are you realizing their potential?
  4. Think of a recent difficult interaction you had. Would assuming positive intent have changed the outcome? What could you do differently next time?
  5. If you were going to design your organization from scratch, what hallmarks of employee experience would you prioritize? What can you do to impact this today?
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