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Shaunta Vaughn, Executive Director, Kaiser Permanente

Jul 14, 2021

In this episode of Let Go & Lead, Shaunta Vaughn, founder of the women’s leadership forum STRIDE, speaks with Maril about learning to lead using your unique talents. They dive into how the process of honing leadership skills differs for women and men, how Shaunta has launched and continued to nurture STRIDE and the importance of having a “personal board of directors” invested in your success to guide you. Listen to the full episode below.

Learn about:

12:25 - Principles of the “Old Boys” network that women can borrow

14:41 - Taking a group from a lunch-and-learn to a formal network

17:15 - Why every woman’s leadership journey is sacred

20:57 - Choosing the right people for your personal board of directors

23:50 - Transactional networking versus building a network

29:34 - Letting go of leading from the basis of someone else’s story

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