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Scott Halford, Neuroscience Educator, Speaker and Author (Part 2)

Jun 23, 2021

The human brain is wired to focus far more on dangers than on positive information. This is a reality business leaders navigate every day, as they work to be intentional, clear and engaging in their communications. It’s also where Scott Halford can help. Scott sees effective storytelling as a key part of leadership, and he believes that with deeper knowledge of neuroscience, we can get a lot better at both.Scott is an internationally renowned keynote speaker, educator and advisor. He works worldwide to educate audiences about emotional intelligence, the neuroscience of achievement, effective performance and the success we create when we understand the intricacies of human interaction. He’s the author of the bestselling books Be a Shortcut and Activate Your Brain.

Scott has been telling stories throughout his career — first as an Emmy Award-winning writer and producer and then as a professional speaker. He’s recognized as a Certified Speaking Professional by the National Speakers Association, and in 2014, the group inducted him into the NSA Speaker Hall of Fame.

Scott holds an executive master’s degree from the NeuroLeadership Institute and is the president of SG Halford, Inc.

In the second part of his conversation on Let Go & Lead, world-renowned speaker and author Scott Halford speaks with Maril about good storytelling put to practice. They dive into strategies for crafting better stories, common pitfalls to avoid when telling them, the importance of mining your life for personal stories and a lot more — all grounded in neuroscience and the goal of better inspiring those we lead. Find the episode below.

Learn about:

2:07 - Ways to make strategy presentations more engaging

9:57 - The hallmark of a good leader in today's world

13:21 - The mechanics of good stories and what to focus on when crafting them

24:31 - Why leaders should share personal stories

25:19 - "Mining" your life for stories that resonate with employees

28:37 - Common pitfalls to avoid when telling stories

Listen to the first part of Scott’s conversation with Maril here.

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