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An initiative to bring together pioneers, provocateurs, thought leaders and those leading the conversation around culture, transformation, and change.

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Let Go & Lead is a leadership community created by Maril MacDonald, founder and CEO of Gagen MacDonald. Maril brings together provocateurs, pioneers, thought leaders and those leading the conversation around culture, transformation and change.

Over the course of the past 12 years, Let Go & Lead has existed in many forms, from video interviews to resource guides to its current iteration as a podcast. At its core, it remains a place where people can access a diversity of perspectives on interdisciplinary approaches to leadership. Maril is also working on a book incorporating these insights gathered over the past several years from global leaders and change makers.

Maril has interviewed over 120 leaders — from business to academia and nonprofits to the arts — through the years. In each conversation, from personal anecdotes to ground-breaking scientific analysis, she has probed the lessons learned in leadership. From these conversations, the Let Go & Lead framework has emerged. It is both a personal and organizational resource that aims to serve the individual leader or leadership at scale.

LG&L Podcast / Oct 13, 2023

Sally Jenkins | The seven factors of high performing leaders


LG&L Podcast / Oct 02, 2023

Vada Manager | Leadership lessons from a career of service


LG&L Podcast / Sep 13, 2023

Zach Mercurio | How to become a more purposeful leader


LG&L Podcast / Sep 05, 2023

Ann Powell | Building a radically inclusive culture


LG&L Podcast / Aug 16, 2023

Scott A. Snook, Ph.D. | How to develop authentic leaders


LG&L Podcast / Aug 08, 2023

Whitney Johnson | How personal disruption unlocks innovation and success


LG&L Podcast / Jul 24, 2023

Mark Crowley | The powerful advantage of leading from the heart


LG&L Podcast / Jul 05, 2023

Amy Edmondson | How leaders nurture psychological safety


LG&L Podcast / Jan 16, 2023

Sylvia Burwell | Leading in complex situations


LG&L Podcast / Dec 12, 2022

Wendy Short Bartie | How leadership can benefit all of humanity


LG&L Podcast / Nov 29, 2022

Marshall Goldsmith | Ep. 2: Developing and growing into a great leader


LG&L Podcast / Nov 17, 2022

Marshall Goldsmith | Ep. 1: Leadership lessons from “The Earned Life”


LG&L Podcast / Nov 01, 2022

Jeremy Dean | How emotional culture drives transformational change


LG&L Podcast / Oct 18, 2022

Celine Schillinger | Dare to un-lead in a turbulent world


LG&L Podcast / Oct 04, 2022

Jeppe Hansgaard | Accelerating change using the power of informal networks


LG&L Podcast / Sep 20, 2022

Niven Postma | Mastering office politics: The critical leadership skill


LG&L Podcast / Sep 08, 2021

Seth Godin, Author, Speaker, Teacher, Entrepreneur


LG&L Podcast / Aug 25, 2021

Dani Brown, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Whirlpool Corporation


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