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Leadership Development & The Communication Function

Dec 12, 2023

Leadership development has been a life-long passion of our CEO and Founder Maril MacDonald. In addition to her popular leadership podcast “Let Go & Lead” Maril, along with her daughter Morgan Manion and longtime Gagen collaborator MaryCay Durant, have created a unique leadership experience on her farm in Wisconsin.

The "Equine Experience" uses interactions and interventions with horses to teach leaders how to deepen their leadership presence and more fully channel their energy and emotions when leading others. Each year dozens of seasoned and emerging leaders undergo this transformative experience on their journey to becoming better, more empathetic leaders.

In this special episode of “In A Car With IPR” Maril, a long-time trustee of the IPR, chats with Tina McCorkindale, Ph.D., president and CEO of IPR about leadership development and why horses are such incredible coaches for any aspiring leader.

Episode highlights:

  • Leading with empathy during periods of significant change
  • Managing leadership energy and emotion with colleagues
  • How to engender trust with teams and colleagues
  • How to address the human struggle of change

Find out more about how the Equine Experience can transform leadership in your organization in the links on this page.

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