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Webinar Recap: Fueling Collaboration & Connection in Your Hybrid Workplace

Nov 08, 2022

Watch our webinar recording below and discover the secrets that enable hybrid team members to connect, collaborate and create the best workplace experience imaginable.

Managing hybrid teams is one of the toughest, and most urgent, issues you must tackle today. Engineering meaningful human connections is fundamental to create the best hybrid workplace experience for your people. It takes executive commitment, rich data, and targeted interventions to get it right. Learn breakthrough solutions working with your informal people networks to collaborate smarter, eliminate employee loneliness, and align and equip leaders to sustain the changes required of today’s organizations.

About the webinar series

This is the second webinar in a 3-part series on Transformation Catalysts. Change and transformation are a constant reality for today's leaders and organizations. From our nearly 25 years of experience, we've found the hardest part is creating the environment to make change happen and finding the people in your organization who are the real change catalysts.

Gagen MacDonald, and our partners at Innovisor, can help you learn how to deliver impactful human experiences that drive change and how to identify those critical catalysts.

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