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8 Tips for Impactful Employee Value Propositions

Jun 07, 2016

Defining the relationship between employer and employee is easier said than done. When done well, your Employee Value Proposition (EVP) is a vibrant social contract which clearly outlines the commitments and expectations on both sides. A good EVP articulates the compelling narrative for this relationship, brought to life and constantly renewed through meaningful and relevant experiences. It connects to a company’s purpose, history and values and puts the employer/employee relationship in a multi-dimensional context. Most importantly, it should engage employees both emotionally and rationally and reinforce what makes you a unique employer.

A great EVP can improve retention and recruitment, reduce compensation premiums when hiring, and boost employee productivity and long-term commitment. If it’s effectively brought to life and integrated into interactions with employees, it becomes part of the fabric of your corporate culture.

Here are eight tips for developing and activating a successful Employee Value Proposition:

  1. Connect to your purpose. What is a corporation but a collection of people brought together for a shared purpose? An EVP advances that purpose and should be directly connected to an organization’s mission, strategy and values.
  2. Co-create. Involve employees across levels and geographies in the development of your EVP. Understanding what motivates stakeholders helps you articulate a compelling EVP that they will believe in and act on.
  3. Find an authentic balance. Strive to articulate your EVP in such a way that it’s unique and aspirational but grounded in reality.
  4. Consider external talent. A clearly defined and consistently delivered EVP helps you shape your employer brand from the inside out. It influences perceptions of your organization as a great place to work – for current and future employees alike.
  5. Visualize. Bring your EVP to life with a compelling visual expression that ensures a recognizable identity across channels and applications.
  6. Train your leaders. Turn leaders into committed supporters and confident communicators of your EVP. Equip them to deliver the EVP in words and behaviors. Using the company flex-time policy to care for a sick child? Mention it to your team.
  7. Connect your EVP. Make sure everything that defines who you are as an employer is connected to your EVP. Infuse it into your recruiting efforts, competency model and behaviors, performance management process, training programs, recognition activities and benefits communications wherever possible.
  8. Design experiences. Help employees experience the EVP in new ways. Design and deliver new organizational experiences that bring the EVP to life. Consider social media testimonial campaigns, leader-led jam sessions, new hire communities and more.

For an EVP to exist beyond words, an integrated approach is key. It takes both dedication and creativity to successfully activate your EVP, and the results are well worth it.

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