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4 Reasons You Need a Leadership Portal

Apr 11, 2017

As the business world continues to evolve in unpredictable ways, leaders face new and mounting pressures and challenges. Today's executives and managers, faced with a constant barrage of information, find it harder than ever to identify the information, tools and resources they require in order to lead.

To cut through the clutter, leaders need a fresh communications strategy: a dedicated online community portal. At Gagen, we’re launching several such initiatives with global pharmaceutical companies, and early responses by leaders have been nothing short of galvanizing.

This custom-designed, user-centric hub provides leaders with useful information, resources, training, coaching and tools at their fingertips. Leadership portals will inspire, inform, engage and equip leaders in ways previous communications tools were unable to do. A portal can elevate your corporate communications from ordinary to extraordinary.

Here’s why:

  1. It saves leaders' time. Leaders shouldn’t be wasting valuable time searching for essential tools and information. Separate from the typical document repository, a leadership portal is a centralized hub that gives leaders direct access to everything they need in order to be successful. This one-stop shop is carefully designed and completely personalized, making it easy for leaders to get what they want when they want it.
  1. It keeps leaders motivated. Between an overflowing inbox, meetings, and pressing business priorities, leaders have little time to seek out thought-provoking articles and relevant research. A leadership portal can bring the outside in by including the latest thought leadership and best practices by industry experts. The thoughtfully curated library of resources keeps leaders energized, engaged and several steps ahead of the competition.
  1. It promotes collaboration. Even the best leaders can get stuck in a “head down, get the work done” mentality. When you create a dialogue-driven, highly engaging online platform where leaders can exchange ideas, opportunities and solutions, the best minds in your company feel encouraged to connect.
  1. It supports ongoing professional development. Leadership portals offer an excellent and convenient way to build leadership competencies by providing them with on-demand leadership tools and learning modules to better equip themselves and their teams. Leaders can learn at their own pace, tailoring materials to drive specific behaviors your organization needs from your leaders.

Email can be a great communications tool, but relying on email alone causes real problems for leaders. An online leadership portal, by contrast, helps accelerate your business strategy by giving leaders essential tools to lead, strategize, inspire and engage with employees and fellow leaders.

Curious how a leadership community could help your organization better equip your leaders? Learn more about how Gagen MacDonald can help with internal communications.

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